What compelled you to become a financial advisor? Were you guided by your passion for the markets and investing? Were you driven by the need to help others feel confident in their financial well-being? Perhaps you found it rewarding to provide independent, objective advice to people looking for a sound way to invest.

We checked all these boxes when we started our financial advisory firm. You can achieve sustainability and financial security faster without doing it all on your own. From startup advisors, all the way to firms preparing for succession, the Wealth Advisor Alliance can provide you with set processes, established back-office resources, peer-driven knowledge and next-level tools and technology while helping you choose your own way forward.

Ensemble Firms


Is your Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm at capacity or facing growth restrictions? Do you have a support staff and associate advisors but spend way too much time managing people, technology or non-revenue-producing aspects of your business? At the Wealth Advisor Alliance, we can help you overcome operational issues and barriers to growth through outsourced solutions that allow you to focus on serving your clients:

  • Recruit and retain skilled next-generation talent to support your practice today and fill the ranks of firm leadership tomorrow
  • Create efficiencies through tools and technology that allow you to better manage your time and staff and can scale with your business as you grow over time
  • Turn to a specialized group of professionals who know their roles inside and out, including billing, reporting, trading, marketing and compliance
  • Benefit from the succession planning expertise of our Wealth Advisor Alliance team, who can help you identify, select and structure a succession model that is right for you

Solo/Dual Advisory Practices


Your RIA firm is struggling with scalability and growth. You have filled staffing needs in many functional areas that keep the business running every day but your employees are completely tapped and have reached their bandwidth. If you are feeling stuck and need to re-evaluate where you spend your firm’s time and energy, rely on the Wealth Advisor Alliance to help you address critical gaps, fill essential staffing and back-office needs and develop a realistic plan for growth:

  • Hire and retain capable professionals that can help you support the current and future needs of your clients and practice
  • Streamline internal processes and patch your back-office through efficient tools and technology that can grow with your business
  • Gain hands-on, end-to-end support in billing, reporting, trading, marketing and compliance
  • Identify, select and structure the right succession model that meets your leadership’s needs

Firms Nearing Succession


As a financial advisor, you have helped so many clients care for what they have spent their life building. You tell them not to put all their eggs in one basket and a good plan is a living plan that gets revisited each and every year. Now the honest question: Have you applied these same principles to your own life’s work? Do not leave your legacy to chance. The Wealth Advisor Alliance can provide guidance and resources you need to plan your succession on your terms. We offer firm leaders a range of options for structuring their succession, including:

  • Executing a point-in-time transition
  • Winding down in phases before fully retiring
  • Partially transitioning clients and selling a portion of the business, rather than all at once
  • Creating a timeline for the transition by using a trenching strategy, which gives the founder and future owners the time to appropriately manage succession and plan for the milestones on the horizon

Lifestyle Practices


As the owner of a mature RIA firm, you are ready for more flexibility and to achieve a better work-life balance. Your firm would like to continue on the path to future growth but not at the expense of your lifestyle or creating a great client experience. By outsourcing key back-office functions and technology to the Wealth Advisor Alliance, you can spend more time out of the office, focusing on the values and aspects of your life you find most rewarding:

  • Gain access to the trained back-office specialists, tools and technology you need to streamline essential aspects of your business and take the pressure off your shoulders
  • Benefit from a team of advisors and professionals with decades of experience in client service and support to help ensure your client experience remains consistent and your clients’ needs are continually addressed
  • Develop a strategic transition plan that allows your business to continue its growth trajectory but allows you the flexibility to pursue your personal passions outside of work
  • Create an exit plan that gives you the agency and security to enjoy a carefree retirement spent doing what you love most