Embracing Technology

We see the industry changing. But we’re not reacting to change, we’re responding to it. We think there is a big difference between the two.

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To Build Your Business, You Need the Right Technology

Gen X/Y 53%
Baby Boomers 29%

According to the 2017 Fidelity® Millionaire Outlook Study, a significant number of investors with more than $1 million in assets would leave their advisor if technology was not an integral part of the relationship.

Gen X/Y 23%
Baby Boomers 2%

The Fidelity survey also noted, “Lack of web portal access to their financial documents is a key area of frustration.”

When investors vet an advisor, many consider the quality and access to technology as a Top 3 item.

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From 10 Hours to Three Hours, the Client Onboarding Process Remastered

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The Technology Behind theRelationship

Nirav Batavia on how technology connects advisors to clients.

When Technology Streamlines the Client Onboarding Process

Marcus Heinrich on the amount of time that advisors can save by using online onboarding technology.

The HUB*

A CRM and Workflow Engine

Today’s Workflow Is Divided

Wealth Advisors Alliance – without the HUB workflow

We Bring It All Together

Wealth Advisors Alliance – with the HUB workflow

* The proprietary software, the HUB, is provided through Owl Technologies, Inc., of which Forum is an owner.

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