What Makes WAA Different From
Standard TAMPs?

We go beyond “standard” TAMP services by providing greater flexibility in how you affiliate with us, a broad community of subject matter experts and advisor-friendly technology. The Wealth Advisor Alliance invests in the latest technology, advisor support teams and training to help you deliver and communicate your distinct value more effectively to clients. We spread our shared costs across our community of advisors, resulting in competitive pricing. Our TAMP investment platform, which is purposely designed for advisors who adhere to a Dimensional and Vanguard investment approach, starts with models portfolios but includes brochures and other communications materials that we all need to communicate about investments within the greater context of comprehensive financial planning.

Our advisor community benefits from:

  • Access to a deep bench of industry-leading peers and mentors for your toughest business strategy and client situations, particularly in the areas of retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, charitable giving, special needs planning, college funding, cash flow budgeting, insurance and risk, closely held business planning and family wealth transfer.
  • A dedicated trading staff to execute rebalancing trades while you retain 24-hour access to client accounts and primary control of the client experience.
  • Client experience coaching that delivers effective stories and practice management routines developed over decades of working with our own clients and coaching top advisors.
  • A team that brings an extensive background working with DFA advisors, advisor succession, solicitor relationships, and other professional centers of influence such as accountants and lawyers.

The Benefits of Choosing a TAMP Partner versus a Platform

A 100% Advisor-Owned Model. At the Wealth Advisor Alliance, we have a partnership structure that sets us apart from others in the industry. The people who are setting the vision for the firm are meeting with their own clients, and that comes through in the decisions they make and how they think about the business. When our leadership team chose to remain 100% advisor-owned, they were committed to never losing sight of the fact that clients come first, period.

A Knowledgeable Community to Help You Attract New Clients. The Wealth Advisor Alliance team brings together vast experience in business development and client service. We are here to help you grow your practice through marketing and practice management support and will help you tap into new markets to diversify your client base.

More Opportunities for the Next Generation. We have created a platform for entrepreneurial minded, next-gen advisors to grow faster than they could on their own. By delivering cutting-edge technology and keeping costs low, next-gen advisors can potentially reap greater rewards in compensation and equity than they could if they were to start their own RIA.

Complete Support. At the Wealth Advisor Alliance, our team provides constant personal support and intellectual capital — whether we are guiding you through the onboarding process for a new tool or sharing solutions to pitfalls that we have encountered from firsthand experience.

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