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Use Your Time Wisely: Help Clients First, Then Run the Business

In the latest segment of his series, WAA Advisor Development Officer Brian Shapiro dives into the dilemma many financial advisors are facing by attempting to find the time to do everything. He explains the focus should be on what is important: the continued well-being of clients and their families.

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Create Your Own Destiny: How to Break Away From Your Existing RIA Firm

Feeling disillusioned or sensing your career progression has plateaued can be a sign that you need to pursue a new path. The Wealth Advisor Alliance outlines a variety of different options for you to consider as you think about your next career move.

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A Premium Predicament

The merits of Value, Small Cap and Profitability as factors in a diversified equity portfolio have had a challenging time in recent years. Wealth Advisor Alliance Co-Managing Partner Jonathan Rogers provides a comprehensive review of the literature and data around the recent decade over which Value has been outperformed by Growth.

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The Effects of Stress on Financial Advisors and Clients

In the second part of our series on advisor stress, we examine how stress affects financial advisors and investors. Advisors often remind their clients that discipline is required to stay the course to achieve their financial goals, but it is easy to forget that stress management demands the same vigilance.

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The Top Pitfalls of Internal Succession Planning in RIA Firms

Many founders choose internal successors to ease the burden and pressure of succession because these individuals already understand the firm’s processes, service approach, investment philosophy and client experience. However, this type of succession is not as straightforward as it appears.

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