It is one thing to offer technology and investment solutions — it is quite another to create a community of like-minded advisors that support each other through all stages of business growth. At the Wealth Advisor Alliance, our goal is to do both.

We strive to build a collaborative community of advisors who proactively call upon their peers’ diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives to better serve their clients. As advisors ourselves, we help advisors at every stage of their growth cycle to deliver better advice and serve more clients with scalable technology and back-office support.

Through our outsourced back-office solutions and technology platform, you can free up your time you spend juggling the day-to-day tasks of running a business. Doing so focuses your attention back on the client-facing activities that drive more value for clients and lead to more growth. Compared to a TAMP, which are focused mostly on the investment outsourcing, the Wealth Advisor Alliance provides you with the a more complete solution to help build your business.

Becoming a Part of the Wealth Advisor Alliance

Transition onto our platform in the most efficient and streamlined way possible. Our BackOffice group has facilitated the onboarding of more than 30 advisors over the past five years. We have developed a meticulous project plan that details the hundreds of steps we go through to make the transition successful.

When you join the Wealth Advisor Alliance, you and your colleagues meet the trading, billing, reporting, compliance and marketing team members who you will work with, all within an onboarding process managed by our Advisor Relations Manager. Over time you will get to know the community of advisors through our twice-annual advisor conferences, as well as on topical webinars and learning sessions that include break out rooms for discussion.

We know that even good change is hard. As a new advisor to the Wealth Advisor Alliance, we can do the following for you:

We plan for a smooth transition for advisors and their teams. We stagger the process to make each step manageable. Our goal varies slightly depending on the complexity of each transition. For the solo- or dual-practitioner office, we will help prepare for the transition about two months ahead of the targeted transition date. If historical performance data must be imported, we will begin running parallel performance reporting for up to three months, so that we have plenty of time to reconcile any discrepancies.

We also plan for client transitions. For clients transitioning to our investment models, we establish a plan ahead of the transition date. We can bring on your current investment models and transition your clients slowly over time toward our models, so that the change gradually takes place and any taxes are spread out over a period of years.

We can transfer clients in less than a month. By preparing in advance, we can have most clients fully on board within two weeks of the targeted transition date. Even with a few stragglers, the impact on revenues should be negligible.

Our BackOffice group is there to provide support after the transition. We have found that the immediately following the actual transition is when things become real. We dedicate significant time with our partners and BackOffice group during the subsequent weeks to bring you and your team up to full speed with training on technology and process.

Diversity and Inclusion as a Core Value

Financial advisory teams should reflect the world we live in and the clients we serve. At the Wealth Advisor Alliance, we strive to create a hospitable environment that supports advisors of diverse backgrounds and allows them to feel welcomed and engaged. One goal within the greater context of our mission is to improve the diversity of our profession by supporting diverse advisors and providing the mentorship and capital they need to build their business and receive equitable rewards for doing so.