To rely solely on Hollywood’s interpretations of a startup, one would imagine a company based in Silicon Valley run by a crew of scrappy newcomers. Startups tend to cast a wider variety of main characters and hold no affiliation to a particular coast. They only require entrepreneurial-minded individuals to take the lead, as is the story of the auspicious startup firm Legacy Wealth Management Group founded by Reggie Rhodes.

Reggie joined the Wealth Advisor Alliance immediately after establishing his advisor practice in February 2021. In the following Q&A, he discusses why he decided to spin off his law practice and establish Legacy Wealth.

How many years have you been working in financial services?

Even though my company is technically a startup, I have practiced for more than 30 years as an accountant, tax attorney and as an attorney for estate planning, retirement planning, elder law and real estate. Throughout my professional career, I have wanted to offer financial services to clients to create a holistic approach.

Do you specialize in any planning areas?

I have concentrated on helping my clients arrange their legal and financial matters to avoid mistakes with their money and assets, increase their income and protect their capital from taxes and nursing home confinement. Because of the focus within my law practice, most of my planning opportunities have come from clients who are either retired or are about to retire.

What do you focus on when working with retirees concerned about sustaining their wealth?  

I enjoy taking uncertainty out of retirement. First step is to assess whether their money and assets will last throughout retirement. Then, in the event of a long-term care stay and/or death, we look at how to protect assets so that a spouse or loved one can maintain the standard of living to which he or she has become accustomed.

Why do you advocate a team approach to wealth management?

Our goal is to take a holistic approach to financial, tax, real estate and estate planning. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with numerous financial advisors and CPAs in establishing financial plans and estate plans, resolving tax issues and assisting with real estate transactions for their clients. Through Legacy, we will provide our clients with wealth management services, sound legal advice and financial services.

Why did you choose our BackOffice team to assist you with backup and resources?

A colleague who had implemented the exact type of hybrid practice that I wanted (law and financial planning practice) mentioned he was outsourcing some of his backoffice services. After doing some research and talking with him about the experience, I met with Jonathan Rogers and his BackOffice team. I moved forward with the Wealth Advisor Alliance knowing I would have a supportive team ready to help with processes, custodians, information technology and documentation.

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