Financial advisors and their clients have faced unprecedented market volatility in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The increase in volatility has probably affected how you are spending your time. You have likely been busy troubleshooting client issues, communicating market developments and rebalancing portfolios — forcing you to spend less time focusing on business growth, marketing and long-term strategies.

During this time, you may have realized the support and services available to you were lacking when it mattered most. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate those relationships and make some changes to bolster your resources with a higher level of support. It is not easy to set your sights on the future when you are struggling with low capacity and narrow bandwidth.

Where Firms Go to Grow

See the true value of choosing independence with options and partnering with the Wealth Advisor Alliance.

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It is possible to start and grow your own RIA firm without sacrificing the integrity of your back office or your personal well-being. By partnering with the Wealth Advisor Alliance, you can offload the day-to-day tasks that come with running a business so you can focus on the bigger picture. Gain access to cost-effective resources, communication support and a solid infrastructure that can help you overcome operational hurdles and expand your firm into the future.

You can also tap into the intellectual capital of the partner group of Forum Financial Management. This seasoned team of advisors has expertise that expands across both investment strategy and advanced planning topics. They are intimately involved in the business and are willing to give their time to help advisors with specific client cases or at a strategic level to talk about how to best grow your practice.

Choose Your Path

Affiliate as a semi-independent advisor with Forum Financial Management, an established advisory firm with $6.6 billion in AUM. With our team, you can avoid the year-long registration process and compliance requirements, expensive tech setup costs and having to develop a brand and promote yourself from scratch.

Launch as an independent RIA with your own brand while leveraging the Wealth Advisor Alliance’s fully supported technology and BackOffice operations team, including reporting, trading, compliance and billing, among other services.

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